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Ocala II, Florida USA

From: $39,000

CrownWorld currently has two land investment projects in Ocala, totalling a little over 200 individual residential building plots. These projects are located in an area...

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Crown Acquisitions Worldwide Limited, the precursor to CrownWorld, established itself in the Cayman Islands back in 2006. In addition to the stunning Caribbean backdrop, we were impressed by the Cayman Islands’ highly-sophisticated infrastructure, political and economic stability, and their status as a tax-free British Overseas Territory. Following the name change to CrownWorld, the company quickly saw the exceptional business and investment potential of these spectacular islands: a place with zero taxation, a thriving financial community, and a progressive government that actively fosters a supportive commercial environment. The unique benefits of the Cayman Islands provided an outstanding platform on which to build a business that would provide clients from around the world with an unrivalled investment product.

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