New Rasmussen School of Nursing Facility in Ocala

Former Ocala Entertainment Complex building to become new school of nursing.

Rasmussen College’s School of Nursing current building is getting cramped, with nearly 500 nursing students taking classes at the facility. The need for more computers, skill labs and clinical simulation activities has grown over the last couple years, along with the parking challenges that come with the excess of students.

The college announced that the 29,000-square-foot former Ocala Entertainment Complex building would soon become the new home for the School of Nursing. The new building offers twice the space, offering much need space for students, teachers, equipment and parking.

Rasmussen College has entered into a 10-year lease and plan to renovate the building with room to expand as the program grows. Some nursing instruction will still be held at the current campus. The new building will be used primarily for computers, skill labs and clinical simulation.

Reports from Burning Glass, a labor analytics firm, say that there have been more than 1,400 job listings for Regional Nurses in the past year in Ocala. This is treble the number 5 years ago.

Rasmussen College is a regionally accredited private college that offers Certificate and Diploma programs, such as Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees online and at its 23 Midwest and Florida campuses. Walter Rasmusses founded the college in 1900 in Stillwater, Minnesota.

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