Investment Opportunities in Ocala

Ocala in Florida is well known for its high quality of life yet low cost of living. The beautiful landscape and attractions bring in so many tourists every year; which is why it comes as no surprise that there is an increase of investment opportunities in this area.

The Ocala & Marion County Economic Development Corporation (EDC) have in place a plan to create 1,960 jobs which pay at least 115% of the average wage. The best part is that this is set to be in progress now!

The recruitment strategy and job creation plan in Ocala & Marion County will make this area one of the most desirable places to live and work in Florida. This will be really beneficial to the country, as it will bring in a large amount of national and international business.

With this increase of business, there is also an increase in demand for development land. A report following this, stated that there is a limited number of properties in this area that will be suitable to meet the needs of the industry companies moving there.

CrownWorld have two investment opportunities in Ocala. These projects total over 200 individual residential building plots.

CrownWorld ensure that all the residential development plots are built with planning permission and freehold land Title Deeds. We make sure that all these plots are located in an area where infrastructure is already in place and where several properties have already been developed. This includes a tarmac road, connection to the local electricity grid, mains water, drainage and telecommunications.

If you choose to invest with us, there is no obligation to build. You can simply keep hold of your land until there are factors determining the best or most profitable time for you to make a sale. On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of the great ROI’s and the rental opportunities available with these plots, then take a look at the investments page on our website.

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