Cayman is Caribjournal’s ‘Destination of the Year’

Thanks to the efforts of the Cayman Islands Government, private and tourism sector the islands have been named the Caribjournal’s ‘Destination of the Year 2014’.

The Cayman Islands are know for being a laid-back place with kind and friendly people. Even with its almost impossibly beautiful beaches it has remained somewhat under the radar, up until now. Thanks to the efforts of its tourism sector, Government and the private sector, the island is seeing new heights, including one of the highest rates of arrival growth in the Caribbean. 

As well as its tax-free status and  home to some of the world’s best beaches, you may not realise  just how much the Cayman Government and the private sector is investing in the  island’s economic development. It comes as no surprise that Cayman has also now been placed in the top ten “A” list of islands in the world by the 2014 Candy & Candy GPS report.

new road  A $60 million, 10-mile-long road project that links the east and west ends of Grand Cayman is scheduled for early 2015.  Further developments including an Arnold Palmer golf course and a mixed  residential and commercial center in Grand Caymans Eastern District  is set to follow. 

owen roberts airportImprovements and extension of Owen Robert International Airport is estimated to start at the beginning of June 2015. A $90 million redevelopment  project  over the next 20 years will see a new terminal building, expanded runway,  and improved passenger  facilities to meet the new international flights soon to be servicing the Islands.

health cityHealth City a new $2billion, 104-bed hospital offering cardiac, cardiology and orthopedic services throughout the region, opened  in February  2014.  Over the next decade Health City is expected to expand to 2,000 beds and develop both a medical university and an assisted-care living community creating further jobs  and the need for increased housing across the islands.

entiprisecity2Enterprise City that was launched in February 2012 leased its 4th zone building, Brit-Clay in July of this year. Now it has over 130 companies in its technology-focused Special Economic Zone, with another 300 being targeted.  The ‘Regional Investors of the Year’ winners have had an estimated CI$15,000,000 impact on the Cayman economy  over the last 2 years.

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