5 Year Multiple Entry Visa for the Cayman Islands

Cayman airplane over palm trees

Regular business people and tourists can now apply for a new multiple-entry visa that lasts for five years. The previous visa only lasted three years, by adding an extra two years officials are confident that the new visa would encourage successful applicants to travel to the Cayman Islands more often. To be considered for the new long-term visa you must submit your application through the Cayman Island Visa Offices in Honduras and Jamaica. Presently nationals of the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States of America and most British Commonwealth countries do not require visas to enter the Cayman Islands. Without a visa people from these countries are typically given 30 days in the Cayman Islands and must have proof of a return ticket out of the Cayman Islands. If visitors want to stay longer then they have to go to the Department of Immigration and fill out an extension form and pay a CI$50 fee, all further extensions cost CI$100. If you own a home, condo or apartment in the Cayman Islands then special provisions are in place for a 6 month stay, as long as they can demonstrate he or she owns the home and provide proof they can support themselves without needing work. The new five-year visa will make it much easier for people to travel to and from the Cayman Islands. It is believed this will help benefit the local tourism and business sectors. For further details about visas and obtaining a form visit the Department’s website

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