Buying Property in Cayman Islands

 Do you want to have your very own island retreat? Did you ever dream of living in a tropical paradise? Maybe, you want to have an investment property that’s guaranteed to give you substantial income all year round.

You can turn this dream into reality. How? Buy real estate property at Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands is a British overseas territory located in the Western Caribbean Sea. The Cayman Islands is comprised of three islands:  Grand Cayman, the largest and most populated; Cayman Brac, named for its massive limestone bluff; and Little Cayman, the smallest and least developed island. All three islands are coral outcrops, part of the “Cayman Ridge” underwater mountain range. It is located south of Cuba and Northwest of Jamaica.

Why do investors buy property in Cayman Islands?

The real estate market is growing continuously every year and there is no sign that it is losing business. It is the perfect time to purchase your island retreat, investment property or just upgrade your existing property. Annual inventory of available properties on the Cayman Islands is valued at over $ 1.5 billion.

The location of the Cayman Islands is ideal for anybody who wants to buy property. It is located in the middle of the beautiful and tranquil Caribbean Sea. The climate is moderate all year long, usually between 70 oF to 90 oF. The Caribbean is also one of the best scuba diving destinations in the world.  Its close flying proximity to the United States is also one factor that draws people to buy property in Cayman Islands.

Cayman does not have any big industries, thus, making air pollution non-existent here. The government has also imposed some of the strictest regulations on sewage disposal. This is why the water remains crystal clear and unpolluted.


The Cayman Islands is one of the few rabies-free places in the world. They do not have any problems with wild and dangerous animals. Even the mosquito problem has been solved. For this reason, vaccinations are optional for visitors to the Cayman Islands.

Perhaps the biggest factor that brings in foreign real estate investors to the Cayman Islands is the fact that there are no restrictions on foreign property ownership. There is no property tax or capital gains tax on Cayman Islands properties. In addition to that, the government does not impose taxes on income derived from real estate investment such as rent or dividends. Titles to all real estate can be held by individuals (either alone or with others jointly or as proprietors in common) or in the name of a company.

Foreign investors continue to buy property at Cayman Islands because foreign investment is welcome here. Foreign investment and tourism have contributed greatly to the progress of Cayman. The Caymanians understand that foreigners need to make profit on their investments in the islands.

You will find political, social and economic stability in the Cayman Islands. It is still under the peaceful rule and protection of the United Kingdom. It is also a place that has a harmonious blend of approximately 100 different nations – people of different races and income level. Crime rates are very low because people here have learned to live together with respect for each other.

There are many advantages to having your own property on the Cayman Islands. So, why wait? Have your own piece of paradise. Reap the benefits of having your own tropical retreat. Buy Property in Cayman Islands now!

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