Dart Buys Little Cayman Forest

Dart, one of the biggest developers in the Caribbean, has had a busy couple of years in the Cayman Islands, buying up land, beachfront, roads, hotels and restaurants on Grand Cayman. Now they have turned their attention on to the Sister Islands.

Most recently a large piece of forestland on the Little Cayman was bought back in March. Whereas on Grand Cayman the idea was to develop, the idea for Little Cayman is to preserve – for now.

The new purchase on Little Cayman will be held undeveloped for conservation with the possibility of creating a public hiking trail.

Previously Dart has bought hundreds of thousands of acres in remote areas around the globe for conservation, in Patagonia, Australia, New Zealand, U.S., Mexico, Jamaica, Canada and now Little Cayman.

Earlier in the year, Dart purchased Paradise Villas hotel and the Hungry Iguana restaurant near the airport on Little Cayman. No plans are on the table for development of the resort and adjoining restaurant for the time being.

Some minor cosmetic renovations to the properties will take place during August when the resort and restaurant are closed for the off-season. Dart are committed to keeping with the quaint nature of Little Cayman but is well noted that they have big plans for the sister Islands!!

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