Cayman Brac Twenty Percent Rise in Air Arrivals

Cayman Brac has seen a twenty percent rise in air arrivals from this time last year.

The increased numbers are the outcome of the upgrades Charles Kirkconnel International Airport underwent during the past year, which were only officially opened in February 2015.

The upgrades included the construction of a Hold Baggage Screening (HBS) Room, which is a necessity for international travel to the United States, an In-transit lounge, and an arrivals hall. The run way also has the capability to accommodate all of the aircraft that can land at the Owen Roberts International airport, on Grand Cayman, apart from the British Airways Boeing 767.

Private villas on Cayman Brac have always been popular, particularly to dive tourism, the added tourist capacity on flights is great news for the private owners. The impact of the expansion will boost Cayman Brac’s economy for years to come, creating more jobs around the islands.

The expansion and addition of the baggage screening room has also made it possible to open up direct routes to Untied States and Cuba, making Cayman Brac a peaceful, tranquil destination rather than a side trip from Grand Cayman.

At present Cayman Brac’s population is less than 1,800 and the government is looking to develop the economy of the island. To encourage business development they have also put several incentives in place for investors and entrepreneurs, including reduction on work permit fees, reduction in trade and business license fees, no duty concessions on building materials, concessions on stamp duty for land transfers, and duty concessions of 75% on gasoline.

Development on Grand Cayman has been robust over recent years, the government has promised the sister islands development will remain in the keeping of the tranquil experience of the islands.

With the growing tourism business owners are feeling confident in investing in their Cayman Brac Businesses. Currently the only hotel on the island, the Brac Reef Resort, is renovating their entire complex to be ready for next year’s high season. It is also good news for land and property owners on Cayman Brac as demand to own or experience a piece of tranquility continues to increase.

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