New Camana Bay planning application submitted

A US$40 million planning application of Camana Bay has been submitted to widen and realign the Esterley Tibbetts Highway. The plans include a four-lane divided highway, an underpass and a pedestrian-friendly ramp over the realigned road.

Once the four-lane bypass is completed the existing road will transition to a low-speed internal road though Camana Bay.

The $40 million road is phase one of a US$400 million build-out plan of the area by the Cayman Islands Government and Dart Realty (Cayman Ltd.). Phase two will aim to add a pedestrian overpass over West Bay Road to Seven Mile Beach, and the final phase will be a newly constructed five star hotel and residence on Seven Mile Beach.

Premier Alden McLaughlin said “I was pleased in February to announce that Government and Dart had agreed to a revised, and improved, NRA Agreement that includes a commitment to new development over the next 10 years. I am more pleased that this work is now starting. This will not only provide much needed improvements to our road infrastructure, but also a further boost to the Cayman economy, and more jobs for Caymanians, during road construction and in the coming years as the Camana Bay build out moves forward.”

It is estimated that construction of the road will take 12 months and employ an average of 70 workers per day for the duration.

This road project is one of many public-private partnerships with the Cayman Islands government. The most notable of which is the US$60 million, 10-mile long Ironwood road project linking East and West. The extension is part of a deal for the golfing and housing community in Frank Sound.

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