Taste of Cayman

Herman East End Fish Fry

When people think of the Cayman Islands, most people think of no direct taxation, great weather, beautiful beaches, amazing diving and stunning Caribbean natural beauty. What people don’t necessarily think of is Cayman’s fantastic world-class food scene that has exploded over the last couple of years.

International and local chefs continue to open fantastic restaurants in Cayman bringing a fantastic mix of Caribbean and European influences to the Islands, and with many Cayman eateries adopting the farm-to-table movement its not only high quality seafood on offer.

The farm-to-table movement not only brings healthy, fresh and local produce to Cayman plates but also keeps money in local pockets. When dining in Cayman you can be eating the fish from its waters and the vegetables from its land.

Despite Cayman’s soil not being one of its strong points, places like ‘The Brasserie Restaurant & Market’ on the Grand Cayman and ‘Le Soleil d’Or’ on Cayman Brac have plowed forward turning overgrown plots into fully functioning gardens that create well rounded menus for every taste year round.

Local farmers markets have also become a regular site on Cayman, including a weekly one at Camana Bay, making it easier for chefs to partner with local farms to source ingredients. All of which has helped entice top-level chefs to the islands.

Well-known chefs that have been drawn to Cayman include Michael Schwartz, who opened a branch of his Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in the Bay area, Cindy Huston of Ortanique in Camana Bay and renowned chef Eric Ripert, who runs the Ritz-Carlton’s Blue restaurant just off Seven Mile Beach.

There are also plenty of high quality smaller local restaurants, crab shacks, food trucks and burger crazes throughout Cayman. Sunshine Grill off Seven Mile Beach wins many local accolades including Taste of Cayman for their Fish Tacos, and’s Best Burger, and Capt. Hermans East Side Fish Fry right on the East End continues to get rave reviews.

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